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Vitality Drops

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Guys, we have ELECTROLYTE drops!!! This is so exciting for everyone who works out, has kids, is pregnant, works or plays outside, does sports, sweats, need I go on??? I am pumped about trying these in our Red Drink, with my AminoWise, in my Ningxia, and in my water!

Swear off sugary sports drinks. Who needs caloric, neon-colored beverages when you can hydrate with naturally flavored, electrolyte-rich water instead? Combining the great taste of Lavender Vitality and Lemon Vitality or Grapefruit Vitality and Bergamot Vitality with nutritional minerals, these drops encourage you to drink up and stay active. Drinking enough water each day is one of the single most important habits you can possibly develop for your health!

Why do the ingredients include "natural flavors?" The natural flavor used in YL Vitality Drops is sourced from the essential oils as well as other natural PLANT sources. We chose this flavor because the vendor who provides these flavors went through the very stringent Seed to Seal audit to ensure that no synthetic ingredients, and no carriers are used in the processing of the material that we use from them.

Why do these citrus oils come in a plastic bottle? YL Vitality Drops Lavender Lemonade and Grapefruit Bergamot is a liquid that is a homogenous, emulsified solution with multiple ingredients, as well as the essential oils. Because the product is a homogenous, emulsified solution, the essential oils contained in the formula will not compromise the integrity of the plastic container.

Each item will come in a 3-pack or is also available in a bundle of two of each flavor!

  • Item No.: Lavender Lemonade 30130
  • Item No.: Grapefruit Bergamot 30129
  • Size: 3-pack Wholesale Price: $27
  • Retail Price: $35.53
  • PV: 22

Vitality Drops Bundle contains 2 bottles of each flavor. Item No.: 30988 Size: 4 pack Wholesale Price: $35.75 Retail Price: $47.04 PV: 29.25

How to Order:

  • Order in the Virtual Office under Targeted Nutrition
  • Available on Essential Rewards starting February 1