AJ Flanagan

Seed to Seal

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Young Living makes a special promise to its members to ensure their products meet strict purity specifications. Even though keeping that promise costs them millions and millions in revenue, they care more about you than any bottom line. They care that oils being used in the form they were created with all of their benefits intact and without tweaking or adding synthetics to make it easier to fill and sell more bottles.

Because of this they invest incredible amounts of manpower and money into finding farms. Some we own, some we partner with in a very close relationship, and occasionally someone new sends us oil and we check it out thoroughly to find we've found a new source with a heart and determination like ours for purity.

I believe in our Seed to Seal promise.

I've also watched over the years as oils and products go out of stock. This happens to me with lots of other companies too but they call up the factory and get some more sheets made or books printed. This is a different process. Plants have to grow, weather and environment affects the outcome and volume of the crops, and then decisions have to be made about which products will get the oil those plants produce. Because ALL of our products (other than diffusers, bottles, or printed materials, etc.) from supplements to cleaners contain plants.

So what do we do? We LEARN together! (More fun!) We are so blessed because we have so many alternatives when we run into something that goes missing. We have books like the Essential Oil Pocket Reference that give us lists of alternatives with any issue. And we know our stuff. Can't get my ComforTone? Okay, MegaCal, it is. Can't get that? I'll rub on the Di-Gize. And the list goes on and on. Ask an oily friend who can give you some ideas and suggestions!

I'm so grateful for the assurance of our Seed to Seal promise for our family!