AJ Flanagan

DIY Supplies List

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There is no wrong way to use your oils (aside from just not using them!), especially since oils integrate into every area of our lives - rollers, room sprays, DIY supplements, candle replacements and so.much.more. From roller bottles to carriers to anything you want to DIY, here are all the supplies you need to use your oils to the fullest!

CARRIER OILS Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils for either topical use or internal use. When using oils internally, make sure to use ingestible oils such as high quality olive oil or coconut oil.

GLASS BOTTLES & ROLLERS When using essential oils for DIY, we want to make sure to use glass spray, dropper or roller bottles. Here are some of our favorites:

OTHER COMMONLY USED SUPPLIES Whether you're mixing up some body butter or making your own candles, here are the supplies we've used and love:

PRINTING SUPPLIES The app is full of fun printables from diffuser cards to weekly trackers to labels for your roller and spray bottles! Use cardstock or sticker paper to easily print them at home.